Over the years WorkTools has participated in a diverse projects ranging from hand tools, home, office and automotive products to Internet ventures. Below are some examples.

Office Products - Hand Tools - Hip Clip - Invention City

Office Products

Working with entrepreneur Todd Moses, WorkTools created a full product line of innovative spring powered PaperPro® desktop staplers and improved hole punches for Accentra, Inc. The products designed in 3D SolidWorks were fully engineered for manufacturing and incorporated final ornamental design.






Hand Tools

WorkTools began business in 1986 with the SqueezeDriver™ rotary screwdriver. The company made and sold SqueezeDriver™ in the USA and around the world. The last SqueezeDriver™ was manufactured by WT in 1995. But fans of the tool should not despair. A new and improved version of the tool should be introduced in 2013. Following SqueezeDriver™, WorkTools developed the PowerShot® line of forward action staple guns, first licensed to Black and Decker and now licensed to Arrow. Following PowerShot® WT developed the Gator-Grip® universal socket and other products for Endeavor Tool, a company the WT partners co-founded.




Hip Clip Water Bottle Holder

The Hip-Clip bottle holder allows walkers, hikers, tourists and sports fans to carry bottled water and other beverages on their hip like a canteen. The product will hold any standard plastic bottle of 1 liter or less.  Useful and fun, the Hip-Clip is a great premium item for beverage marketers. The Hip-Clip bottle holder features a large surface for imprinting a company name and logo.  Orders available for 5000 units or more contact Mike Marks at 508-255-5227.



Invention CityInvention City inventor inventing help is an outgrowth of WorkTools' long experience creating, making, licensing, patenting and selling products. The primary focus of the site is inventor education. Deep information is provided on all aspects of the inventing business to help inventors find ways to proceed on their own. Invention City also offers an invention evaluation and submission program that will take inventions and commercialize them in partnership with inventors on a revenue sharing basis.